Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the basic features of Mayachakra that makes it different from other software in market?

Mayachakra is uniquely designed for being user-friendly, simple and is complete in terms of compliance and management reporting. Smoothness on screen, font size and other visibility gives eye the comfort apart from being fast, secure and online means can be operated and used from any system and from anywhere including usage from mobile.

2. What labour laws and statutory compliance is taken care of in the Mayachakra?

Mayachakra takes care of all major Indian Laws related to payment to employees, laws related to leaves and other non-monetary benefits. It has been completely covering PF, ESI, Professional Tax, Income Tax (TDS on Employee), Bonus, Gratuity, Minimum Wages Act, etc.

3. How our cloud based service software is beneficial for your company?

Mayachakra helps to avoid the risk of system crash, data loss, data theft or data redundancy since its cloud based and not stored on any particular system at your end. Data is secured from unnecessary usage and theft or sharing since its profile credential and limitation is set considering the user requirement and access permitted by management or required for work.

4. How bulk import employees & attendance module make the software more advanced & time saving.

Mayachakra has closely understood the pains of data migration from any existing system or manual or traditional method to our software cum solution, so we have in addition to creation/ addition of employees manually have given features of bulk import from excel/ csv template file. For rest places even where bulk data is required to be fed, we have system for bulk data upload, e.g. in monthly attendance and deductions list.

5. How generated salary slips of the employees can be sent to all the individual mails of the employees.

Mayachakra has two options as of now for sending employees payslip, either single/ particular employee or can be sent using a single command to all employees in their mail. Individual employee user can even login through their user id and get their payslip so far generated.

6. How can we create individual username and password of all the employees, for their individual login.

Mayachakra has unique option of giving user id password while creating new employee or adding employee, it can be through bulk upload file or can be individually assigned.

7. Is the reports available in the software complete or if required we can have some different reports?

This Payroll Software cum HR solution is complete in terms of reports required by various department, be it accounting, be it HR, be it management or Statutory requirements, yet if sometimes some other reports specifically required/ desired by management or for any reason, it can be designed for the company.

8. If I want to avail your software, Mayachakra, do I need to pay you a one time charge or its annual charge? Is there any other pricing policy apart from this, I mean some normal monthly charge or as such. .

Mayachakra has various payment plans and options, Apart from One time fees payment where after an annual AMC is payable for continuing services, the company has plan for rental charges which is normally paid quarterly in advance. The company has altogether a different strategy and can even workout something different after discussion with client. company/ user requirements on case to case basis.

9. How secure is the data and if my system crash where from i will recover the data?

Mayachakra values the importance of data and all sort of information of company/ users and secures them from any sort of damage and loss, for the same it has taken various steps as manual backup and automatic backup of data and information frequently and ensure no data loss for any reason. In case client needs some data/ information/ report they are unable to get from their end otherwise available, we assure to restore and provide the same at the earliest possible.

10. What if I lose or forget my user id and password?

Mayachakra user id and password can be reset/ allocated by the company HR/ Admin or management or concerned person, in case these person is for some reason unable to help or stuck, by registered mail from company to us for request for the same, we are always there to help in such a scenario.

11. What service you people provide after sales or what is support available?

Mayachakra has dedicated team to serve any sort of requirement, support, customisation and modification, updates in laws and other factors and with a turn-up time of maximum 72 hours normally, will try to either solve any concern or help required.

12. What are the various options to reach you/ team?

Mayachakra has specifically dedicated mail for any sort of help/ concern. Unique inbuilt chat option is there, other than an always active concerned team with contact numbers along with dedicated whatsapp number.

13. What are the various programming languages that has been used in our software?

For various security purpose and integration of advanced features we have used different languages according to the situation and feasibility these are PHP, MySQL, Anjular JS, JavaScript , AJAX, HTML, CSS.